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Enter this healing place infused with open hearted compassion and the healing power of nature. Receive support and nourishment in deep sacred space. Meet yourself. Learn to love yourself. Tap the wellspring of abundant joy, wisdom and vitality within you. 





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Awaken and reclaim your authentic wild soul and live your brilliant truth in your nourished and balanced physical body!

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About Katie Keath


I am a Soul Doula. I hold deep, sacred and earth-based space for the birthing of your authentic wild soul in your nourished and supported physical body. I am a mystic, medium, energy worker, bodyworker and herbalist serving as a co-journeyor on your embodied path of transformation and healing. I weave many rainbow ribbons of powerful healing modalities into a profound medicinal container for you to reconnect with the wisdom of the wild and remember the truth of who you are. 

My Germanic Great Grandmother was a Healer and Astrologer who practiced healing and stewarded a healing center. I am connected with my Celtic and Germanic blood ancestors. Their ancient ways of strength and healing guide my life and inform my work. 

I am a sensitive, neurodivergent, non-binary and queer human, with a brain difference which makes functioning in this fast-paced, linear culture a big challenge for me. This challenge is also my gift,  for my neurodivergence opens doors to seeing what lies in between linear lines, beyond the rational mind and deep within our breathing dancing hearts and bodies, in this exquisite present moment

I came to the practice of holding healing space through my own personal healing. War shook the warmth out of my family for generations and left us unable to connect to our own bodies and emotions. Without connection, even to our own beings, we could not connect with one another and the inner traumas repeated themselves, and were inflicted on one another, over and over, leaving us all bereft, isolated and wounded.  Compounded generational and personal trauma and the subsequent lack of access to emotional warmth and connection, lead to my young self turning to nature for my only solace. The plants and nature beings became my dearest friends and family. I believe they truly kept me alive.

As my neurodivergency, gender expression and sexual orientation began to emerge as different from dominant cultural norms, I was bullied and shamed by my peers and I formed the belief that to belong and survive in the human family, it was necessary to bury the truth of my being and conform. I believe this is the quintessential human wound, to not be able to live the truth of who we are. As a teenager and young adult, the pain of burying my true self caught up with me and I found myself in deep anguish and suffering, desperately attempting to run from my own broken heart by engaging in addiction, self destruction and abusive relationships.

My soul called out to awaken from the nightmare of disconnection, self hatred, addiction and isolation that I was living. The plants and the resourced people answered my call, came into my life and brought me what I so dearly needed. I have been profoundly blessed by deep soul connections and relationships with people and plants from many cultures who by offering warmth, welcome and connection, showed me my inherent gifts and infused me with more sane, integrated and loving ways of being. I am forever grateful to all of these precious friends. In the process of embracing my own profound grief and loneliness with compassion, diving into the shadowy depths of my own soul and reclaiming my own wholeness and expression of my own true wild self, I find my gift:

 I hold deep, sacred and earth-based space for the birthing of your authentic wild soul in your nourished and supported physical body.

I have been blessed with powerful, compassionate healers, teachers and guides over three decades and I am forever grateful to Mata Amrita Ananda Mayi, Pema Chodrin, Rosita Arvigo, Miss Beatrice Torres-Waight, Don Jose Tamay, Cindy Lindsay Rael, Guadalupe Dominguez, Rosemary Gladstar, Feather Jones, Ann Drucker, Mountain Sun Donna Daimond, Micheal Moore, Aviva Romm, Missy Rohs, Gradey Proctor, Erico Schleicher, Kim Kelsey, Scott Kloos, Elise Krohn, Barb Westover, Pam Savory, Antonio Rey Silva, Lisa Ann Ross, Kelley Moonwolf Eden, Camilla Blossom Bishop, Carol Gray, Elizabeth Davis, Paula Matthew White, Max Murraine, Ruth Schwartz, Jon Burton, Melissa Michaels, Sara Mains, Brene Brown, Sarah Peyton, all my clients and students over the years and the helping healing plant, animal and elemental healing spirits who have all made my training possible.  

For 30 years, I have focused on honing my space holding skills through extensive training in a variety of healing modalities including; meditation, visualization, ritual, movement therapy, sound healing, energy work, herbal healing, body work, craniosacral therapy, womb healing, breath-work, conscious communication and earth-based spirituality. I am also an ordained minister and as such, conduct earth based mystical ceremonies, weddings, funerals, healings and spiritual counseling sessions. I have joyfully served as a guide and co-journeyer with people on a path of healing for two decades.

I offer transformational bodywork sessions tailored to your personal needs which hold space for the healing and evolution of your body, mind and spirit. These sessions integrate craniosacral therapy, energy work, sound healing, therapeutic massage, herbal massage, aromatherapy and hot stones. I am a trained and licensed bodyworker. 

I offer earth based womb and pelvic healing for womanish persons through all stages and cycles of life from adolescence, adulthood, childbearing, peri menopause, menopause and wise elder years. My womb healing sessions are the balm and include Abdominal Massage, Craniosacral Therapy for the Female Pelvis, Energy work, in depth health history, Herbal medicine, Ritual, Blood Mystery Teachings and practical womb care support. You will reach a whole new level of empowerment as a female bodied person and a deep relationship with your own womb and the power that lies there waiting for you to tap into it! 

I offer pre-conception, pregnancy and postpartum craniosacral therapy, massage and support. I spent 7 years apprenticing, assisting and studying in home birth midwifery and I am a certified doula, prenatal/postpartum massage practitioner. I am also a Women's Health-Herbal Educator and a trained craniosacral therapist for pregnancy and postpartum care. I was very blessed to have many years relating, training and apprenticing in women's healing in the Yucateca Maya tradition including; abdominal massage, spiritual healing, herbal healing and ritual. I have been blessed and encouraged by my Maya teacher Beatrice Torres Waight to bring healing to the world through the earthy wisdom she shared with me and I continually give back to her family.  In her own words, "Every woman needs to know this!"

For babies, children, tweens, teens and their parents, I offer earth based spiritual healing, craniosacral therapy, flower essence therapy and energy work.  I have been a parent for 30 years, attended many births, have been certified in lactation counseling, directed preschools and peace camps, taught parenting classes and have a degree in Contemplative Early Childhood Education from Naropa University. 

I am a certified breathwork facilitator. I offer one on one breath work sessions and I co-facilitate Star Seed Soul Journey Sessions with Heather Kowaleski. In these three hour sessions, we combine Breathwork, Mystical Movement and Sacred Plant Medicine to support you in your transformation, awakening and healing. The process also includes energy work, art, ritual and deep listening. Come on your own, with a friend or partner or with a small group. 

I am a trained community herbalist. I teach at the Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine and offer herbal workshops in the Columbia River Gorge. I serve as a co-journeyer on your path to your deepening relationship with plants and incorporating their healing ways into your daily life. I have deep relationships with plants and have undergone extensive study and practice in the multi-dimensional healing ways of plants. 

I offer spiritual healings by donation to the Yucateca Maya people who have loved, mentored, healed, guided and trained me so deeply and who have blessed and encouraged my sharing of their healing ways to bring healing and hope to people. You can come to me by donation to the families and communities of my Maya teachers for any kind of spiritual healing such as soul retrievals, cord cuttings, rites of passage, ancestor healing, grieving, letting go, new direction in life, cleansing, connecting with spiritual guides, finding your plant and animal allies, finding your soul's calling, gender exploration and transition support, protection, extraction, spiritual/emotional influences in physical conditions, dreams, relationships and cultivating self-love and forgiveness. My spiritual healing sessions currently draw largely on my own blood ancestral wisdom and the gifts I was born with, yet I will always be deeply inspired, informed, influenced and deeply grateful to the Maya people who helped me come home to my healing gift and so I continue to honor them! 

When you come to see me, the plants, benevolent helping spirits and I will hold sweet, strong healing space for you to find your way home. 

"Katie Keath has helped open doors of perception for me that I didn't even realize existed and changed my awareness landscape permanently."  

M.B. Columbia River Gorge

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