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Enter this healing place infused with open hearted compassion and the healing power of nature. Receive support and nourishment in deep sacred space. Meet yourself. Learn to love yourself. Tap the wellspring of abundant joy, wisdom and vitality within you.

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Awaken and reclaim your authentic wild-self and live your brilliant truth, even more!

To book your Portland, Hood River or distance session:

 Call, email or text me directly.

 I am available pre-session for discussion, questions and to assess if my work is a good fit for you. 


Phone: (541) 419-1647


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Upcoming Workshops


I am teaching at the Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine in 2018



Awaken your soul and dive into the depths of your inner wisdom in this modality that blends Breathwork, Mystical Movement and Sacred Plant Medicine! 

Book your small group for a Star Seed Soul Journey Workshop on a date that works for you! 

Also stay tuned for upcoming pre-scheduled Community Star Seed Soul Journey Workshop dates! 

To book or inquire call or text 541 419 1647 or email


Who I am


I am a mystic, poet, energy worker and herbalist serving as a co-journeyor on your path of transformation and healing.  I specialize in sacred space holding, listening, energy work, breath-work, plant-mediumship and walking between the worlds. I hold compassionate space for people of all genders and ages. 

For 30 years, I have focused on honing my skills through a variety of spiritual practices and healing modalities including; meditation, visualization, breath work, ritual, movement therapy, sound healing, energy work, herbal healing, body work, craniosacral therapy, womb healing, breath-work and earth-based spirituality. I have joyfully served as a guide and co-journeyer with people on a path of healing for two decades. 

I have been blessed with powerful, compassionate teachers and guides over three decades and I am forever grateful to Mata Amrita Ananda Mayi, Pema Chodrin, Rosita Arvigo, Miss Beatrice Torres-Waight, Don Jose Tamay, Cindy Lindsay Rael, Guadalupe Dominguez, Rosemary Gladstar, Feather Jones, Ann Drucker, Mountain Sun Donna Daimond, Micheal Moore, Aviva Romm, Missy Rohs, Gradey Proctor, Erico Schleicher, Kim Kelsey, Scott Kloos, Elise Krohn, Barb Westover, Pam Savory, Antonio Rey Silva, Lisa Ann Ross, Kelley Moonwolf Eden, Camilla Blossom Bishop, Carol Grey, Elizabeth Davis, Paula Matthew White, Max Murraine, Ruth Schwartz, Jon Burton, Brene Brown, all my clients and students over the years and the helping healing plant, animal and elemental healing spirits who have all made my training possible.  

In my private healing sessions, I naturally hold strong compassionate healing space. I support you in your own journey home to your true-self, assist you in reconnecting with the healing power of nature and guide you to a place where you are able to deeply relax, receive, heal and grow. 

In my workshops and classes, I provide you with the direct experience of connecting with your true essence and with nature by conducting earth-based healing rituals and hands-on plant interactions.  I foster non-hierarchical relationships and community in the name of returning to the wisdom of the wild. 

I am experienced in holding intuitive healing space for all ages and genders. I address many spiritual healing needs such as energy clearing, soul retrieval, cord cutting, visioning, ancestral healing, extraction, death and rebirth cycles, energetic root causes of dis-ease, grieving, moving, gender transition, rites of passage and support in deepening relationship with plant spirits, animal guides and all manner of benevolent helping spirits.  I do not charge money for spiritual healing sessions.

I am an ordained minister and so conduct earth based mystical weddings, funerals, healings and spiritual counseling sessions.

I am practiced in offering earth based spiritual healing to babies, children, tweens, teens and parents.  I have been a parent for 30 years, attended many births, have been certified in lactation counseling, directed preschools and peace camps, taught parenting classes and have a degree in Contemplative Early Childhood Education. I hold compassionate space for parents, babies and youth. 

I am available for pre-conception, pregnancy and postpartum massage and support. I spent 7 years apprenticing, assisting and studying in the home birth midwifery world and I am a certified doula, prenatal/postpartum massage practitioner, spent many years training and apprenticing in Women's healing in the Yucateca Maya tradition including abdominal massage, herbal healing and ceremony and I am a Women's Health-Herbal Educator.

I am available for earth based, energetic and herbal womb healing for female bodied persons through all stages and cycles of life from adolescence, adulthood, childbearing, peri menopause, menopause and wise elder years. My womb healing sessions are the balm. 

I co-facilitate Star Seed Soul Journey Sessions with Heather Kowaleski. In these three hour sessions, we combine Shamanic Breathwork tm with Mystical Movement and Sacred Plant Medicine to support you in your transformation, awakening and healing. The process also includes energy work, art, ritual and deep listening. Come on your own, with a friend or partner or with a small group. 

I serve as a co-journeyer on your path to your deepening relationship with plants and incorporating their healing ways into your daily life. I have deep relationships with plants and have undergone extensive study and practice in the multi-dimensional healing ways of plants. 

When you come to see me, the plants, benevolent helping spirits and I will hold sweet, strong healing space for you to find your way home. 

"Katie Keath has helped open doors of perception for me that I didn't even realize existed and changed my awareness landscape permanently."  

M.B. Columbia River Gorge


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