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Meet the plants and reclaim Your Authentic Wild Soul!


Herbal Pelvic Wellness

3 hours initial visit / 160, 120 or 60 minute follow ups

Multi dimensional healing for your pelvis and cycles. Herbal Pelvic Wellness sessions include compassionate, deep listening, whole person health history interview, herbal consultation for pelvic and cyclical health, external abdominal and sacral physical assessment, physical and energetic massage treatment (gentle external treatment to low back and abdomen for optimal flow through pelvic bowl), craniosacral therapy for the pelvis, pelvic trance work, ritual and home care practice instruction.

Transformational Herbal Body Work

90 and 120 minute sessions

Bodywork sessions which tend to your body, mind and spirit and hold space for your evolution are tailored to your unique needs weaving together the following modalities:

herbal massage, spiritual plant medicine, craniosacral therapy, intuitive energy work, sound healing, therapeutic massage, aromatherapy, flower essence therapy and hot stones.

Energetic Herbal Medicine Formula

1 hour sessions

We deeply listen to where you are in your current life tapestry and formulate a unique spiritual medicine for you, co created with our local plant allies. We lead you in a plant meditation with your medicine to assist you in accessing the deep well of wisdom in your being and in the healing power of the plants. You leave with a deep connection with your true self and the plants and your take home energetic medicine in hand to continue supporting you on your epic journey! 

Plant Based Breathwork Journey Sessions

1.5, 2 or 3 hour sessions

Deep space is held for your soul's unfolding and evolution in a session that includes deep listening, a variety of breathwork techniques, spiritual plant medicine and an intuitive art process. Awaken your wild soul, release emotions trapped in the body, meet your spirit guides, release trauma, bring back lost parts of yourself and come home to the essence of who you are. This experience is similar to taking strong psychoactive plant medicines for journeying in non-linear reality, yet is conducted entirely without mind altering substances, using only safe, gentle and mild nutritional plants, music, breath and journey facilitation. Results tend to be life changing.


Prenatal and Postpartum Craniosacral Therapy and Aromatherapy Massage

90 minutes sessions

Be nurtured and guided into a place of deep receiving and renewal during this miraculous time in your life. Find relief from the aches and pains of pregnancy and support your body's preparation for birthing and recovering from birth. Space will be held for you to tap into your own intuition and energetic connection with your baby and your true self. Your session will be uniquely designed for your specific needs and will weave together craniosacral therapy for the pelvis, energy work, therapeutic pregnancy massage and gentle fresh plant and essential oil aromas which are safe for pregnancy and nursing.


Craniosacral Therapy with the healing plants for all ages

60 Minute Sessions for adults/ 30 minutes for babies, children, tweens and teens

Craniosacral therapy is a very gentle technique which assists the unwinding of patterns and blockages in the body and supports a sense of balance and ease. It supports children and teens in calming the nervous system, releasing tension and enhances the body's own healing abilities. Craniosacral sessions at Yarrow Community Wellness center also include gentle fresh plant and essential oil aromas and blessings.


Herbal Soul Healing Session

2-3 hour sessions for adults/ 1 hour sessions for babies, children, tweens and teens

In person or distance spiritual clearing, soul reclamation, connection with benevolent spirit guides, renewal of spiritual health, spiritual counseling 

Herbal Soul Healing involves Katie Keath and the plants holding space for you in harmony with the compassionate force of Divine Love in the universe, the healing power of nature, the benevolent nature spirits including; animals, plants, trees, stones, mountains, water, fire, earth, air, the benevolent ancestors and the angels and ascended masters to find deep healing and guidance within yourself. These sessions are held in the container of their own Celtic and Germanic ancestors, The Fae and the healing plants.

To Book a session with Katie Keath text 541 419 1647


Abundance for all!

If not enough funds to pay for your health care is an obstacle to you receiving any of our work, please contact us to see if we can co-create an exchange that is abundant and empowering for everyone!

Diversity, Equity and inclusion scholarships are available.

10% of all profits arising from the abundance of this work goes to local charities for environmental protection and social justice.

abundance dark.jpg

I have lived an abundant and privileged life. My white privilege and class privilege have afforded me the opportunity to study and travel extensively.

In my travels and studies I have had the honor of being in relationships with people of diverse cultures.

These people welcomed me into their homes, lives and cultural traditions when my connection to my own family line and cultural spiritual source was bereft, dis-functional and depleted.

The cultural resources, medicines and soma these generous people shared with me brought me the healing and resilience I needed to heal my own family line and come home to my own Celtic and Germanic medicine.

Although I now practice from my own ancestral line, I am eternally grateful and forever influenced by the following peoples:

Yucateca Maya, Malayalis (Native people of Southwestern India), Cherokee, Lakota, Yaqui, Tibetan and Afro-Cuban.

I still give back to the living people of these cultures as a way of offering gratitude and dismantling white privilege and appropriation.

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Reparation and Amends

Being of the white race which has inflicted horrendous violence and oppression on black, indigenous and people of color, we feel it is our responsibility to involve ourselves in making amends and reparation. We are working towards allyship and strive to be accomplices to Black, indigenous, People of Color in the process of dismantling colonialism and white supremacy.

We have much to learn and undo!

We offer two free healing sessions to BIPoC each month

We offer full BiPoC scholarships to all of our workshops

We donate 10% of all our profits from this work to anti-oppression causes