I am a burst of energy, song and dance

I am a wildflower

I am a songstress and a walker between the worlds


I am an expansive open heart

I am a mischievous faerie sprite awakening laughter and fun

I am Earth, Water, Fire

I dance with transformation and change


I listen

I am an exquisite communicator with people, plants, animals and helping spirits

I facilitate conference between these worlds and beings

I am both female and male and the energy beyond these expressions

I am an imperfect human being who has seen and known the deep darkness within and I accept myself and others just as we are. 


I hold space for you becoming your full authentic expression.


I have been an earth based priest and preistess for many lifetimes and live and share this ancient well of earthy love and wisdom with you.


In this lifetime I have again, taken vows as a priest and priestess of Ix Chel, The Maya Goddess of water, the moon, herbal medicine, weaving and midwifery. I conduct Her ceremonies and She heals through me. 


I honor the Maya people and have a deep connection with them. I give back to them and I honor their ways.  I have been deeply trained by them and have been asked and given permission to practice and share their powerful medicine ways. I am so very grateful. 


I have been an herbalist for many lifetimes and in this one have spent my entire life cultivating deep relationship with my healing plant allies through direct shamanic connection, practical application and in depth study and apprenticeship with herbalists such as Rosemary Gladstar, Michael Moore, Aviva Romm and at the Arctos School of Herbal and Botanical Studies and The Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine. I am now a faculty member at The Elderberry School. 


I have a healing touch and have been trained in this life in cranio sacral therapy, massage therapy, prenatal, postpartum and birth massage, abdominal massage, womb massage, shamanic bodywork and many forms of energy work from exemplary human embodied teachers and the ancestors in dreams and of course directly from the healing helping spirits. 


I have been a midwife for many lifetimes and in this one, after in depth training and apprenticeship to become a home birth midwife, I realized that this time around, I am a midwife of people birthing themselves and I happily practice this art.


I have awakened through my breath and have training in shamanic and journeying breathwork. I guide you deep into your rich, inner world of healing and the transformational realms of spirit. I help you remember yourself. I assist you in finding and developing relationship with your spiritual, plant, animal and ancestral allies. 


Throughout my lives I have been a monk, priestess, priest, practitioner of many lineages and have tapped back into many of these practices in this life. It is my delight to share them with you for your awakening. 


I have also been a rapist, murderer and thief in my other lives, so nothing in you really surprises me. I accept and hold space for the darkness and the light. 


I have walked my own challenging path of living as a non-binary magical being in this oppressive culture and I am always learning ways to support you in your unique expression of gender and beingness.


I listen to your needs and your essence and support your unique expression. My central teaching is the cultivation of radical self-love and compassion and I will invite you to love and accept yourself, becoming your own inner beloved.


Together, we create healing sessions in which you are nurtured, replenished, awakened, remembered and renewed. Supported by Divine love, nature and the helping healing spirits, I serve as your co-journeyer on your path of healing and evolution. 


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