Grieving at The Autumn Gate

As all of nature lets go and returns to the earth, we have a precious opportunity to die to all that no longer resonates with our true essence and passionate path to joy. 

Whether or not there are changes and losses occurring in our outer lives as the leaves turn gold and fall, some aspect of ourselves is always changing, releasing and letting go.

Autumn holds a sacred container for us to grieve the current and distant losses that may have been buried in our heart's for many years. 

This deep, brave work of grieving revitalizes our cells, frees up our hearts and awakens our compassion. 

Tears are a vital medicine for our soul's unfolding.

Here is an invitation to set aside some time to feel, to grieve, to weep, to reflect and release the outer shell, the dry and brittle stalks, the crispy leaves and return to the soil of your essence. 

Perhaps create a ritual, in honor of your tears and hold your own heart through this home coming and consider inviting these plant allies into your life to help you flow through your grief; Elder, Oak, Violet and Wild Rose.

Here is a poem I wrote about my Autumn grieving ritual:

Ritual of Grief

Tonight we are our own Doula

As we light the candles

And pour salt into the water

Choosing all the crying songs

and the bittersweet herbs

Arms encircling this tender shaking body

Rocking in the warm bath of tears

Championing our own selves

Standing watch over the young one within

We dive down deep and brave

Passing through the previously impenetrable places

Where we took those drugs

Where we slammed the door

Where we ran into the wrong arms

This time 

We are all here

experiencing every nuance of this painful passage

Through this ring of fire

At the risk of life and death

We birth this total unknown being

And name them joy

-Katie Keath Silva

Hood River December 2017

Hear me read this poem here: 

Autumn Gate.jpg
Katherine A Silva