Awaken at the Spring Gate

Spring took me by surprise. The excitement of more light and so much activity and new beginnings has been a bit tampered by a subtle wish to return to the hibernation mode of winter. Spring has brought love, birth, new ventures, deepened friendships and new depths of profound inner healing to me. Spring can be overwhelming with all it's enthusiasm, seed planting, romance and bright ideas. I am pacing myself during this transition and remembering that I still need to rest even when the garden begs tending!

May we rest and nourish ourselves with the wild greens of the violet, dandelion, nettle and mallow popping up all over the ground and the scent of violet blossom and cottonwood buds wafting in the air as we welcome in the glorious spring! 

The wisdom of the bear is a wise loving support as we welcome in the spring! 


in the winter 

in the deep quiet earth

in the slumbering silent dream

in the dark resting place of roots

in the smell of rock and dirt

we bears gather 

the deep inner resource 

of stillness and containment 

which carries us through

the green moving time of summer

in the summer 

in the taste of sweet berries

in the slippery salmon struggling in our paws

in the sunlight playing on the dancing waters

in the pungeant medicine root aroma

we bears gather

the physical resources 

to carry us through 

the snow time of winter. 

be like a bear

always carry the stillness and containment 

of winter within you

even at the height of summer

go slow and watch 

what comes in and out 

of your mouth 

in and out of your life

with reverence and a playful heart

keep a vigil to the deep 

centered resting place within

-Katie-Keath Silva 

March 2016, Portland, Oregon

Katherine A Silva