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Botany for Herbalists with Gradey Proctor

Friday, February 8th, 6pm to 830pm 

People with all levels of herbal knowledge welcome from novice to advanced!

We will start our evening with a hands-on tour of the terms and tools one needs to get to know the plants. Or shall we just say, Botany! 

Then we’ll apply these new insights to see how they help us properly identify our plant friends and navigate plant ID books.

We’ll also explore the practical side on how this understanding can help us harvest medicine in a sustainable way and ID plants in the wild and in the garden. 

Gradey Proctor is a botanist and ecologist who has spent years studying the flora and fungi of Oregon's forests. Growing up in a place without intact ecosystems, Gradey fell hopelessly in love with the Northwest upon his arrival in the '90s. His longing to develop a sense of place has driven his passion for protecting wild spaces and sustainably wildcrafting medicinal and edible plants -- and he loves supporting his community by teaching others to do the same. Gradey teaches primarily at the Arctos School Of Herbal and Botanical Studies, runs a medicinal plant nursery called the Medicine Garden, and works with Bark, a nonprofit that advocates for and protects the Mt. Hood National Forest. When not hanging out with plants he loves rockhounding and camping with his kiddos, Scarlet and Madrone.


We offer Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Scholarships to all of our workshops

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The Yarrow School of Collective Wellness is an herbal education and community wellness outreach program in The Columbia River Gorge with a focus of liberation and access for all. 

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