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Are you Ready to Awaken to the Healer Within?

Are you Ready to Answer Your Soul’s Calling?


We invite you to walk through our doors into the sacred space we have co-created for your transformation. Allow Keath Silva and Heather Kowalewski to facilitate a healing session for you which weaves Breathwork, Energetic Herbal Medicine & Mystical Movement to invoke and support your Soul's Awakening! Dive into the deep well of your inner wisdom where your healing guides await you. We and the plants are in service as your co-journeyers as you awaken the healer within.


What to expect:

You will enter a nourishing space that has been co-created specifically for your arrival including a personal altar for you to connect with and add any items or intentions as you feel called. We will begin by holding compassionate listening space for you to share whatever is needed and wanted. We will then move into grounding and connecting to the earth and our own bodies through guided meditation, movement, and/or toning.

You will create a nest to enter into The Breathwork process as we invoke sacred ceremonial space and protection for your journey. All your allies, guides, and higher wisdom will be invited to co-journey with you helping you truly surrender to your soul’s calling. A cyclical deep breathing will launch you into your journey assisted by loud, vibrational music attuned to the chakras that will play for approximately one hour. During this time we offer optional energy work, spiritual and physical support for you to move, heal, and transform whatever arises. This process will look different for each person ranging from sensual to ethereal. Many experience old emotions that have not been fully expressed and may feel the need to move, dance, scream, yell, or emote in other forms to move these energies through; some may meet guides and power animals they merge with and become that animal or being; some may have a very internal journey where their higher self is dancing with the fairies and angels, or may go into a deep rest like state where shifts are happening on a deep level outside the conscious mind; many experience death or re-birthing -- all of these experiences are amazing and perfect. We welcome the whole range of expression and emoting, and will make sure you are safe in this process on all levels. It is best to have no expectations and truly surrender to whatever needs to come through in the moment.

After the breathwork we will play uplifting music while you journal and/or create artwork to continue bringing in your experience. We will then hold sacred space for you to share and reflect on your experience. With consent we will offer any insights or suggestions for your continued integration, and will tune into the plant spirits to see what plant allies have stepped forward to support you in your healing journey! You will leave with nourishing plant medicine and herbal goodies specifically attuned for your support. And we are always available for you via phone, email, or additional sessions to support you on this sacred journey of self-discovery and deep transformation.

About Our Modalities:


We utilize breath to facilitate an opening into deeper states of being.


Energetic Herbal Medicine

Plants are our allies in this world, abundantly offering support on all levels. Plants teach us how to receive, how to nourish ourselves, how to love, and how to live in balance in the world - we only need ask and open ourselves to listen to their deep wisdom. Katie Keath is a deeply trained practicing herbalist and herbal medicine teacher and Heather, who has a deep love and connection with the green world, is passionately apprenticing with the plants. As co-facilitators we will be inviting in the plant spirits that step forward to support you on your journey, and support you in developing relationship with them during and after your session with us. This will include connection on the spiritual energetic level and in the physical planes with plant medicine prepared with intention and ceremony in the form of teas, tinctures, herbal baths, balms, and flower essences.

Mystical Movement

When we allow our bodies to express what is inside of us through movement and sound and we flow with the energies of nature and spirit, we tap into our own inner wisdom, invoke transformation and experience connection at a deep level. Both Heather and Katie Keath have personal movement practices that they use on a regular basis to heal, center and ground. Katie Keath minored in contemplative dance at The Naropa University and has vast experience with several forms of therapeutic movement and has trained in sound healing. As co-facilitators, we hold sacred space for you to allow your body to express through sound and movement in a safe
expansive container.


We donate 5% of all our income to local green and anti-oppression causes.  We are currently benefiting Salmon Civilization, a program that brings local native educators into public schools to teach youth the truth of Celilo falls, the First Nations People, and indigenous culture of the Columbia Gorge.


To book please call or text Katie Keath or Heather: 

Keath: (541) 419-1647

Heather: (479) 970-6087



We are honored to dance beside you on your spiral journey of transformation!

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