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WITH: Hannalies Bosman, Heather Kowalewski and Katie Keath Silva


Be held In supportive community as you surrender to the depths of your true being and allow your soul's evolution!

 Experience this powerful modality, Shamanic Breathwork,which weaves together evocative chakra attuned music, breathwork, journeying, energy work, art and sharing circle to bring us home to ourselves.

Breathers are supported in a compassionate container as they enter an altered state of consciousness utilizing the breath and chakra-attuned music, and are guided on a healing journey by their own inner wisdom. An altered state of consciousness allows the journeyer to step out of the rational mind and be guided by the soul to areas that are ready for healing and transformation. A safe container allows breathers to fully release, express, and emote in any way they feel guided during their journey, supported by optional energy work from the facilitators during the process. The breathwork journey is followed by a personal art creation process and sharing circle for continued processing and integration.

Additional dates for this workshop are: September 15, November 17 and December 15.

About the facilitators:

Shamanic Breathwork was created by Linda Star Wolf, founder of Venus Rising. After years of personally practicing Shamanic Breathwork and receiving transformational healing in their own lives, Hannalies, Katie Keath and Heather were inspired to become certified Shamanic Breathwork facilitators so they could support others in having this amazing experience. They have all three completed the year-long Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process (SHIP) through Freedom Rising Spiritual Community, are certified practitioners and continue to utilize Shamanic Breathwork for their own ongoing healing process.

Once you register, you will receive a welcome letter closer to the event with the address of event, what to bring and how to prepare!

Deep Blessings!

Heather, Hannalies, and Katie Keath

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Inclusion, Equity and Diversity Scholarships available. Inquire at 541 419 1647. BIPOC*, QTPOC*, and marginalized folks are encouraged to apply and given priority.

If you would like to donate to support the Inclusion, Equity & Diversity Scholarship fund, choose the $105 ticket or choose the donate to Equity Scholarship button and choose your donation amount. Thank you!!

SPREAD THE LOVE! When you register for this event 5%-10% of your tuition goes to support local organizations for Environmental Protection, Human Rights and Peace. In September we are contributing a portion of your tuition to Hood River Latino Network, an organization whose vision is that "EVERYONE SHALL HAVE EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES, BECOME PARTICIPATING MEMBERS OF THE COMMUNITY, AND THAT EVERYONE'S HUMAN AND CIVIL RIGHTS ARE RESPECTED"


We are aware that the word "shamanic" is controversial. We are very concerned and committed to honoring all peoples. We have explored the reasons that the word shamanic is a trigger in depth and continue to explore them. So far, we understand that Many First Nations people do not want their medicine people to be called shamans and that they do not want white people to take and use their traditional ceremonies. We are committed to not doing either of these things. If it was in our power to change the word, we happily would do so in honor of indigenous people. We did not name this powerful modality and do not have the power to change the name of it. We believe that the opportunity for healing trauma for all people that 'Shamanic Breathwork' offers outweighs the risk of the name being controversial. We strive to be respectful and honoring of all cultures and all people. We have dedicated our hearts, souls and years to our own healing paths and the training in this modality to ensure we are able to hold deep, compassionate safe space for our attendees personal healing, which we believe ripples out to planetary healing for all. Any ceremonial aspects of our gatherings draw from our own ancestral lineages. We cannot change the reality that we have all been deeply informed by the spiritual practices of many cultures and we offer regular acknowledgement, gratitude and support to those cultures. We strive to avoid cultural appropriation in all that we do and to offer reparation to marginilazed peoples. We welcome anyone's concerns about the use of this word to be addressed directly to the facilitators. We are part of the change!

*BIPOC stands for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. QTPOC stands for Queer & Trans People of Color

Art on this event post by Margarita Kaur

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